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Month: January 2017

5 Helpful Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Hacks

Experienced gamers who find themselves struggling to achieve all of their chosen objectives will often search for hacks and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is certainly no different. If you are in search of helpful Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack that are designed to increase your level of success, be sure to read on and learn more.


1. Don’t Neglect Your Daily Activities

Looking for a simple hack that will allow you to amass all of the possible crystals, XP, credit and energy? Take a moment each day to check in on your daily activities. These activities are typically centered around the completion of Light/Dark side battles, filling your character slots, training your characters and finishing a predetermined number of battles. By completing your activities on a daily basis, you will ensure that you never run out of the most crucial items in the game.

2. Monitor Everyone’s Blue Meter

Monitoring the blue meter that is found below the green health bar is a pivotal aspect of game play and one of the most important Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes hacks. Once the blue meter has been filled, your opponent is ready to partake in battle. Aim your attacks at those whose blue bar has yet to fill and keep them from having a chance to retaliate or focus on eliminating the most powerful enemy whose blue bar is already full at the very beginning.

star wars galaxy of heroes hack

3. Finding Necessary Items

If you are struggling to locate the necessary items that you need, there is a simple way to find them. Check out your characters, tap their inventory slots and click the Find option. By doing so, you are able to find out which missions you’ll need to complete to get the items that you want. Allowing the game to point you towards the battles you’ll need to fight to get the items you want is in your best interests.

4. Unlocking Darth Vader

After all, this is one of the most valuable Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes hacks, as everyone wants Darth Vader to join their party as soon as possible. Before attempting to unlock Darth Vader, you will need to complete all of the game’s main achievements and once you have been awarded with the necessary 80 Shards, you are able to add the awesome power of this super villain to you ranks.

5. Learning More About Slim Tickets

Once you make it to Level 9, you have the ability to utilize Slim Tickets. To get the most out of Slim Tickets, spend one to replay a battle that you have already won and received three gold stars for. This is by far the easiest way to stockpile credits, XP and Training Droids without having to go through the hardship of an actual battle.

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